Term Definition
Rectangle Area = lw
Perimeter = 2l + 2w
Square Area = 4s
Perimeter = s^2
Parallelogram Area = bh
Perimeter = 2(b + a)
Rhombus Area = bh
Perimeter = 4b
Triangle Area = (1/2)bh
Perimeter = a + b + c
Kite Area = (1/2)d1d2
Perimeter = a + b + c + d
Trapezoid Area = (1/2)h(b1 + b2)
Perimeter = 2a + b1 + b2
Circumference of circle c=?•d
Area of square a=s^2
Area of rectangle A=l•w
Area of triangle A=l•w/2
Area of parallelogram/rhombus A=b•h
Area of trapezoid A=(b1+b2)/h
Area of circle A=?r^2
Perimeter of square P=s•4
Perimeter of rectangle P=l+w+l+w
Perimeter of quadrilateral s+s+s+s
Segment Area of sector-area of triangle
Regular Polygon ?Pa
Sector x/360??r?
Perimeter Distance around a shape.
Area Number of square units used to fill up a shape.